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You may remember this post about the view from across the road  ! It has not really improved if I’m honest but they are nice people. Our road does have problems. It is a busy thoroughfare mainly because it links two busier roads and can be used as a ‘rat run’ at times.

It is also not far from a small college for students doing a range of vocational courses such as hair dressing, carpentry and plumbing. This means that whenever a house goes on the market there is a good chance it will be used for student lets. I never understand why students don’t see the need to keep where they live comfortable and tidy! Unfortunately the result is that many of the houses look rather unkempt and uncared for. It also means that there is often no-where to park as many of the tenants have cars.

This has been happening for a number of years. Our house was originally owned by hubby and I moved in when we decided we were a pair. Somehow we were never in a situation to move when we first got together. I stopped working for a couple of years and if we could afford the mortgage, there were other bills to be paid and despite comparing home insurance, calculating rates of utilities and being creative with general household bills etc we ended up staying where we are.

There are times when I feel quite sad about not moving. I love my house inside. We have made lots of changes to it and it is our home but it is when I step outside the door that I get a bit depressed. That’s why I’m really pleased that my son and daughter-in-law have set out to get the home they want despite money being a bit tight. They have made the decision right at the beginning of married life and will build from here. I’m sure you’ll agree that this picture shows how happy they are with their decision!

Did you buy the house of your dreams or did you wait with regrets?

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  • Neighbors that are a Nuisance are No fun…

    It is so Neat that your son and daughter-in-law are so excited and happy about their New house…

    Nifty post for the letter “N”!

    Thank you for linking.


  • I’ve owned three homes, one at a time. None of them started out as my dream home but rather a house I liked and could afford. learned to love each until the next phase of my life. Now, that I am retired and living with my daughter and her family, if I hadn’t LOVED the ‘granny suite’, we wouldn’t be living here. I confess, I LOVE this one, especially and I don’t plan on getting another one again.

  • Pondside

    We bought and sold a number of houses as we moved with the military. When we finally settled down and bought this place is was truly the house of our dreams. Still is!

  • A little of both. We had our dream house in a different area, then had to move to a less dreamy one when we took a new job. We always meant to upgrade but never did.

    Having said that, we still love our house and the neighborhood, but when we have a lot of visitors, I wish we had made the move way back when and had a little better space for entertaining.


  • They do look happy. I’ve owned a number of houses. I thought the last one was the house of my dreams until I met my husband and built a house together with him…pretty much exactly as we wanted it. Livin’ the dream now! 🙂

  • I have never owned a house. My family has moved a fair bit in the last several years, so we haven’t had a chance to settle down. I’m envious that you have had the chance to make the interior your own.

  • I built my dream house and even though it has been a rough process, I am happy that I did it…

  • We have the house of our dreams now, but it took a while to get here!

  • We did not buy our dream home, but remodeled the home we purchased back in the early 90’s when home prices were reasonable. I really feel for kids starting out today with the economy and just how expensive things can be.

  • Dreams change. Make the most with what you have. xo Jenny

  • I brought the house I could afford. It became my dream because of what I made of it inside and out. I wanted it to be a place friends and family would feel welcomed when they entered. It’s paid for in full now and that in these economic times, when people are losing their homes, is a blessing. I am thankful and grateful to God who directed me in its purchase. I was already retired when I brought it.


  • My dreams were to get a doctorate and to travel. I did both, and I do own, but it was never important enough to own a “dream” house.

  • I bought the cheapest I could find in the location of my dreams. We’ve had an extension and renovated the outside since I moved in but originally it was a very ugly building. My dad was kind enough to say that I would be spending more time inside looking out thatn outside looking at the building. I guess you have the opposite problem. These decisions usually boil down to location versus more space inside.

  • I can’t say that we bought the house of our dreams but the best for the budget we could afford at the time. We are still happily living in it despite the changes that we have made on the finance front with me staying home with the kids.

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