The 'L' word – #ukedchat Homework!!

The word legacy has been heard for a very long time in connection with London 2012. It was part of the portfolio presented by Seb Coe and crew way back, when the idea of applying to host the games was first dreamt of. I think most people will accept that, apart from a few hiccups, the whole event has gone well. We have won medals and made lots of people smile. Now as the games finish, we face the 'L' word. What is the legacy of 2012 going to be?

Lots has been said about schools 'taking up the baton' (ouch – sorry!) so what needs to be done? This will be the topic for #ukedchat on Thursday 16th August and to get you thinking maybe we could consider at the following areas:


  • If schools are going to breed the next generation of athletes, what does the curriculum need to look like? Is there time in it and if not where will it come from?
  • Do we need experts in the various sports or just good 'PE' teachers? What training will they need if their role is generic?
  • Do we ned to build in something to combat the obesity issues that many schools face to work alongside exercise?

Grown ups:-

  • Do schools have a role to play in getting parents fitter and more interested in getting their children fit?
  • Should schools offer more than their facilities to communities or is that someone else's job?

Social media:-

The likes of Twitter, Face Book and blogging have taken centre stage in these games as far as communication is concerned.

  • Is there a legacy here that needs to be tapped into and can educators lead the way?

Games makers and positive attitude:-

One of the recurring themes when sports stars or spectators are interviewed has been the role played by the helpers, all volunteers, who have been everywhere to answer questions and make the Olympic experience as good as possible for all.

  • Where did this attitude come from?There was no training or financial reward so what motivated so many people to take part?
  • How did the feeling of well-being spread across the country? Was it just down to little round discs of metal on ribbons around the necks of our sportsmen and women?
  • Can schools embrace this positivity so that it continues way beyond the end of the Paralympics?

Hopefully, your appetite has been whetted and you have ideas of your own. Please join the debate on twitter using #ukedchat at 8pm on Thursday 16th August.


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