Striking or not?

Keats wrote about a ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ . Well it isn’t autumn but it is the season of conferences and for the teaching unions that means a cry to arms – well at least a call to strike.
I’ve never gone on strike although I have been unable to go work because others were on strike and my place of work was closed. Since joining the teaching profession, I have known of several ‘battles’ with the authorities that have led to striking or working to rule. As a Headteacher, I had to manage a couple of occasions when staff were on strike and make the decision whether to keep the school open or not.
The present situation will divide the profession I’m it often does so when I heard that strike action was being called for I was very sad for all concerned particularly the children. I picked up a thread on twitter (apologies for not including everyone) which showed some of the thoughts out there but also generated some alternatives promoted by David Mitchell.

Working to rule was brought up but it was pointed out that there has been little publicity given to the present work to rule that has been going on since October. Has it had any effect? Is there any evidence?


@andyuk71 @deputymitchell action should be disruptive to government not general public – we need their support! — Jon H (@Mr_Haines) March 30, 2013

Then parents came into the thread with concerns about getting them onside rather than anti the profession


Then suggestions of what could be done instead of striking:

What would your views be on that one then? Doing an extra day and getting parents in (those that would come of course)
Whatever happens though, for the majority of those teachers who will be striking

Do leave your thoughts below and perhaps there will be some great ideas shared.

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