Digital Leaders

A number of schools have established Digital Leader(DL) teams. These are groups of pupils, often interviewed in a formal way who lead the school in it’s IT journey.
For some, they check the hardware and help nervous teachers with their lessons. At the other end of the scale you have pupils coding, designing games and apps. Digital Leaders are the perfect example of pupil voice and I know many of the schools that have set them up, really would be lost without them.
As role models for their peers, some teams have become members of Team5SC. This is the team of volunteers who comment on the entries for 5 Sentence Challenge. This writing project follows the same process of 100 Word Challenge. The young writers are given a prompt then have to write 5 sentences about it. The audience for this challenge is younger writers (KS1) or those with SEN or even those who are just stepping out on their writing journey.
By having their peers leave comments, the motivation for the writer is great and it gives the DL a real sense of supporting their colleagues.
On Thursday 11th July, I will be hosting #DLchat on Twitter. It is a weekly opportunity for teachers to share their experiences and ideas within the DL network. I would like to get some ideas about how to maintain the DLs commenting on 5SC without making it a ‘chasing’ job for teachers. How can I instill a sense of commitment to these already busy youngsters so that their colleagues don’t miss out on comments?
Do join me at 9pm and let’s get chatting and sharing!

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