Time for a Change

I have been very remiss and not joined the Saturday Centus for a while. I saw the prompt and had a piece in my head so here it is. As usual, I can use an additional 100 words to the prompt Jenny Matlock has given us and the prompt is in blue.


‘Why do you always want things to be different?’ he said snappily

‘It’s not about being different. It’s about change,’ she said gently trying to coax him.

‘But I don’t understand why it has to be changed. It’s always been like that,’ he grumbled beginning to sound like a spoilt child.

‘I know but it doesn’t have to be that way you know. I think it does us good to change things every now and then. It adds some excitement to life. Anyway Picasso won’t be visiting and he’s the only one who will know if it’s up the wrong way!!’ she said turning the picture round.


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