Thoughts part 2

She’s done it again! That cunning Jenny Matlock has set us another challenge for Saturday Centus today. Usually we have a prompt. Last week it was a title. This week we have to take a Centus we (or someone else) has written & extend it by another 100 words! The original prompt is in red, the original piece is in blue!



‘Over there’, I said waving my arm aimlessly towards the backdrop. ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’.

‘We need to get a move on if the curtain is going to go up on time’, I shouted trying to get some sense of urgency without bullying. After all, we were all volunteers, giving up our precious time.

It was always manic at this point before a performance. Suddenly everything seemed to need doing at once & people started to act like prima donnas.

Maybe that wasn’t a fair thought? The song title came back – umm- yes. Where would I be if I took that journey?

That had been the plan after all. I’d go to College and get trained. By doing Theatre Arts I would be  moving in the right circles but I would also  have a career to fall back on. The course had been great! So hard & unrelenting but so vibrant & exhilarating!  Acting could take  you to all those places & situations you imagined. You could be whoever you wanted, mix with whoever was there.

Yes – that had been the plan. Where did it all go wrong? How did I end up as stage manager in an old church hall?

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