The Call

As you know, I like to take part in Saturday Centus a writing meme from Jenny Matlock. Well, this week I’m afraid has really unnerved me becasue the rules have changed! We have to write in the style of Harequin Romance! I mean to say – the Head teacher writing like that!! To help us out, we can have 200 words as well as the prompt which is in bold. Please forgive me Dear Reader!:



I had to keep running. I had to get away. I could not stay even though every sinew in my body was aching for his caresses. It had been so wonderful to feel his hands searching my body discovering  my every dip & mound but now I must run!

My breath was shortening with every painful step. The sweat was dripping down my already moist breasts trickling down that channel that separates them so perfectly. I could feel my blouse sticking to my back just as it had in the heat of our passion only a few hours ago. I could recall every movement that his lithe body made as he took me in his arms imploring me to surrender to him. I had tried to fight against it but those lips gently pressing those sweet kisses around my face; those fingers so gentle in their exploration which gradually grew in intensity as his body showed me his true desires.

I tried to move but knew that my resistance was at an end. I arched….

‘Miss Smith?’

When I turned around I was startled to meet a green eyed gaze.

‘Miss Smith? You can go in now.’

I put the magazine down.God, what a moment to have to go & see the dentist!

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