Well, she’s really gone & done it now! No words just a picture! What am I talking about? Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus! This week we have a picture to use as a stimulus to write a little creative piece. Same restriction of 100 words applies though!


Saturday Centus

Mother had told me it would be hard when I started to grow. She said that I would have to fight for all the nutrients, water & all the other stuff needed to grow. She told me the stories of the past with the boxes & straw & the wonderful journeys you went on.

I did everything she said. I even moved myself so that I could get more sunshine. Not that there was much of it. Where did it get me? Still on the tree with a stupid looking hat! Where’s the Man from Del Monte when you need him!


Now pop over to Jenny’s blog & see what the others have done with the picture!

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