Centus time again! As usual Jenny has given us a prompt (in blue) & we have 100 words to complete a creative piece. Enjoy!


‘I love autumn’, she thought to herself. ‘All those brilliant colours. So vibrant & alive.’

The early November sunshine cast golden rays across the lawn picking out the reflections from leaves that had already succumbed to the oncoming winter.

‘It is such a sad time though. All that remembering about the horror of war. All that reminding of suffering around us when those collection boxes rattle on the streets. I’m sure there are more of them at this time of year.’

She turned & put on the radio.

The strains of the Byrds ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ filled her kitchen with music. She listened.

‘Ummm,’ she thought.


I found this very hard this week. I had so much I wanted to say but such a limit on the words but then that’s the idea! do go over to ‘Off on my Tangent’ as there are some fasbulous entries this week!

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