Out damn flame!

Another week has passed so it’s time for another Centus. This is the creative writing meme set up by Jenny Matlock. She set’s a prompt & you have just 100 words to complete the piece. The prompt is in red!


They promised! No surprises they said! No making him look silly!

At 50 you don’t want to look daft in front of everyone.

He never dreamed when he blew out the candles on his cake that they would have the last laugh. They would break their promises.

He blew but the flames came dancing back. He didn’t want to appear old & so out of condition that he couldn’t blow out a few candles!

He blew again but there they were, those little flickers making fun of him. He blew & blew & blew but they just kept re-lighting.

Laughter rang out.

On the floor lay the box – ‘Everlasting Candles’.


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