Once upon a time….!

Saturday Centus has a Halloween feel to it. Just to remind you, it is a creative writing meme where you may add up to 100 words to a given prompt. As usual, the prompt is in blue



This is the scariest story I have ever heard,’ she whispered turning the oil lamp down so that the flame flickered sending dancing shadows across the wall.

The fire in the grate crackled & popped creating a fitting soundtrack to the occasion. Outside, the rain drummed against the windows & the wind found pleasure in searching out the cracks in the battered frames of the doors, emitting a high-pitched moan.

The little ones snuggled close together, pulling the blanket right up under their chins, their eyes growing wider & wider.

‘Now,’ she said lowering her head looking out over her glasses ‘Once upon a time…..’


Please pop over to Jenny Matlocks’ fabulous blog to be scared some more!

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