Leave it!

This is my contribution for Saturday Centus. If you remember, we have 100 words to add to the prompt in red to make a creative piece. This is the brain child of wonderful Jenny Matlock. When you’ve read mine, go over & read the others. You’ll find they are all different


“But I don’t understand!”

“I know you don’t,”  I said trying to keep my voice calm & even. This conversation was going on for too long into territory I did not want to explain. It was difficult enough being reminded of the whole thing anyway. Why wouldn’t she leave it alone!

“But it doesn’t make sense! Look at you. You are clearly upset about it but all you will say is ‘That’s why it meant so much’! What sort of an answer is that? Why did you need that at this time in your life? You have success, everyone loves you. I don’t understand!”

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