Greener Grass?

Saturday Centus

You have to say that Jenny Matlock is determined to keep us on our toes! This week’s Centus has been suggested by Clearspace, a regular contributor to this creative writing meme. We had to select a horoscope, then write about the actual day! As usual we only had 100 words!


The Horoscope

Saturday, Nov 27th, 2010 — It might seem as if others are having more fun than you are today, but this could be an illusion. Your current social situation is very different if you can look at it from another point of view. Instead of comparing yourself to anyone else, decide exactly what you want to do now based on what would make you happy. Then, take a few small yet determined steps to set you off in the right direction

The Day 

 Why is it that thin people seem to have so much fun? She’s always been like a stick. She does run regularly.  Strange!

She had branched out & was now successful. I could have done that. I have the same skills. No I have better skills. It’s about people after all. That was her Achilles heel.

‘What? They are cutting down? So, you won’t have a job?’

Well, what a surprise!

Sunday was always ‘Look at the diary’ day. Umm – next week is busy.

Coffee with friends Tues & Thurs. Business meeting Mon & that conference Weds. Yes – busy!


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