Childhood Games

I feel I need to apologise for my absence from Saturday Centus for the last couple of weeks. I found the prompt a bit tricky but was sorting out a 100 Word Challenge for the children I support. If you have time do pop & see what they have done – it’s their first week! You can see them here

Now for my entry for this week’s Saturday Centus! The prompt is in BLUE


I don’t know what made me do it.Perhaps it was childhood memories flooding back of those wets Saturdays when we had to amuse ourselves. The smell of the attic as we sorted through the ‘toy box’ to find something to pass the hours.

Maybe I still had that urge to beat him in some way. His success had always stuck in my throat somehow. Now everything depended on this single card. I looked carefully to make sure that the base was secure. Were the sides straight? How many storeys should I have gone for?

Here goes – please God let my house of cards stay up


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