This week’s Saturday Centus has an autumnal feel to it with a halloween theme. As usual the propmt is in blue & I used another 100 words to finish the piece.


“Trick or treat!” they shouted as the door opened. He gave them the sweets that had been put ready.

‘Trick or treat’, he thought to himself. How many times had that been asked that? How many times had he wondered which it was?

They knew when they choose the date to get married that they would get ribbed about it every year. All the gibes about her being a witch casting evil spells.

Yet here they were 67 years on! Who’d have thought it? She certainly could make a room go cold but she was his love, his magic, his lucky charm. Definitely TREAT he thought!

Post Script:- My in-laws will have been married for 67 years on 31st October!!!


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