Back to the earth

Saturday Centus this week has a different feel. We have been given a picture as a prompt. The same rules apply that we have only 100 words to write a piece.

‘What did you say these were?’


‘Can we eat them?’

‘I suppose so.’

‘Ouch! Too hard for my beak! What’s the point?’

‘Well, apparently, in the States, they grow them then pick them, cut faces out of them, stick a candle in the middle & put them in their windows.’


‘Well, it’s for something called Halloween and it has something to do with witches, ghosts & ghouls.’

‘Oh, I see. So what will happen to THESE? Obviously no-one fancied having these grotty ones  in their windows!’

‘They’ll go back to the earth I suppose. Come on, start flying!’


I found this week’s prompt quite difficult but others have done a great job so do go & read them over at Jenny Matlock’s blog!

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