What’s in your bag? Shona Easton has one for you!

If you are female, you are likely to love bags or shoes. Some of you will be passionate about both and even look to match them. I love both so when I was invited to leave a comment on Shona Easton‘s Facebook page for a chance to get one of her bags, I was in!

Shona Easton designer

As a designer, Shona knows that quality counts. She also knows how hard it can be for a woman to make it in business and that it takes hard work to become established. Her bags are designed with a specific purpose – to make women visible and unique.

every one of my handbags is lovingly handmade and its style will stand the test of time


The prize

My prize was one of Shona’s luxury leather ‘pencases’. The competition was actually to give other uses for it. Among those put forward were special pencils, glasses, micro gadgets and even doggy treats! I wanted one for my essential makeup bits when I go on holiday. I really don’t need the huge bag I have at home and it takes up a lot of space in the suit case.

When it arrived, it was carefully wrapped in tissue with a congratulations card. Unwrapping revealed a black case that was just SO soft to touch. Unzipping it, I revealed a wonderful bright pink leather lining.

On the reverse of the card was a little explanation about Shona’s work and how she supports women based in rural India through a workshop.

Set up in 2010, under ethical and fair trade principles, the workshop employs over 100 women from  the local village enabling them to supplement their families’ income and send their kids to school

The workmanship

( Or should that say ‘ workwomanship!)

It is beautiful. The attention to detail is amazing, even on a small item like a pencase. Just look


Shona Easton bags

I love pink but chose a black case as I knew I would get it grubby otherwise but the flash of pink inside and on the stitching and leather pull is just fabulous.

Thank you Shona Easton

So a big thank you for my very special little bag Shona. I will treasure it but as I said in my competition entry, I will definitely need a couple more to carry other important things!


Do visit Shona’s design centre and choose yourself a bag. Remember – accessories matter and can give you that ‘wow’ and unique feature you have been looking for!

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