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Since revamping Julia’s Place, I have been taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge run by Sarah Arrow. It is designed to get me into a routine of regular blogging as I have to post for 30 consecutive days! That is certainly challenging me but I hope you are enjoying an increase in my posts. For those of you who have only just found your way here, I have selected five posts that you may like to visit.

Upright cleanerUpright cleaner gets a shout out!

This post was the most read piece last week and had some great comments left. It seems that the type of cleaner you choose is down to the first one you bought although some readers did mention a health problem or space as the deciding factor.



ReflexologyReflexology – It’s all in the feet!

Complementary medicine is not for everyone but I found this treatment session very relaxing as well as informative. You will see when you read it that the cost element is something that plays a part in the decision of whether to undertake this type of treatment.  It is something that is accepted by the practitioners.



Antony Gormley - Land
Antony Gormley  – Land

If you are a fan of this sculptor’s work, you’ll love this post that tells you about a new installation. Although this one is in Dorset, it is one of  5 pieces placed around the UK.



Seaside activities
10 Seaside activities to do in the rain

Keeping up with the sea link, this posts gives some great suggestions of what to do with little ones when you are on holiday and especially when you are at the seaside.  The ideas all came from my group of Tweeps over on Twitter. Thanks guys!



100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups
100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

This is a weekly writing challenge for aspiring and established writers. It is very simple in concept – I set a prompt and you write a piece using only the prompt and 100 words. Posting it here on Julia’s Place will share it with others taking part and all my readers.



So there you have it Dear Reader. A fine selection from my first week as a daily blogger. As my reader, you play an important part in my writing so I have a favour to ask.

Let me know in the comments below what you enjoy reading about and I’ll see what I can do! Do you like travel posts or those about health or food or….? Share with me!

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