How to get delivered fresh flowers

Appleyard Flowers

Appleyard Flowers literally delivers THROUGH your door! 

There is nothing more upsetting than coming home to find a note from a delivery man explaining that you had some flowers sent but as you were out they have had to go back to the shop!


Flowers through the door

When I was invited to choose a bouquet from Appleyard Flowers I was a bit sceptical that the pictures in the brochure were actually flowers that could be delivered THROUGH your door. Yes, they claimed to be able to post them through the door if you were not in! 

This is the box they arrived in.


Flowers through your door

Look how narrow it is. Could it possibly contain live flowers?


Follow the instructionsAppleyard Flowers

Once opened from the tissue and ribbon you have a bunch of flowers that I must admit did look a bit poorly. Some of the stems were a bit floppy and looked in need of water.

No worries. There is a comprehensive set of instructions, some of which might seem a bit odd!

  1. Remove all packaging and trim off 2-3cm off the stems using a sharp knife
  2. Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline
  3. Place in clean vase and fill will fresh cold water, adding the flower food. 
  4. Do not use a metal container as metal neutralises the effects of the flower food
  5. Remove any discoloured outer petals from roses.

I found number 5 very hard to do but these are the guard petals that really are there to hold all the beauty in so need to be removed. Sounds daft but believe me – take them off!


Coming to life!

I followed the instructions but was a bit worried. I suppose I thought they would spring into life! After a long drink over few hours, they were looking more cheerful


Appleyard Flowers


However, it was a few days later that they really came into their own. This was taken yesterday (10th August) having been delivered on 30th July. I think that is pretty amazing!


Appleyard Flowers


It is so reassuring to know that if your recipient is likely to be out, you can select flowers that can be delivered. Do pop along to the Appleyard Flowers site where you will see a variety of collections to choose from.

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