You Know You’re a Mum When….

My dear friend Chris over at Thinly Spread has started a lovely meme. It’s got its own badge & everything. The clue is in the title. What are the things that remind us we are parents? My DS is coming up to 34 but things still happen to remind me I’m a Mum!

  1. When he rings the doorbell because he has forgotten his key. When I ask why he hasn’t brought it he says because I know you’ll be there
  2. When he announces that giving flowers is SO passé so instead  he has brought – a bag of washing!
  3. When no matter where I am (school, hotel, home) birthdays & anniversaries have flowers delivered on the day. This comes from him having a pay packet & a bank account I know but he does have to make the call & chase it up sometimes
  4. When he has chosen THE card for me for Mother’s Day

5. When I’m invited down but have to take my sewing machine with me because somehow he bought the wrong sized curtains!

6. When he comments that the jumper I am wearing is very old because he threw it out years ago!

7. When I can’t wait to brag about explain to friends about his recent successes

8. When the house feels SO empty as I close the door from waving him off, crying my eyes out (yes – it happens every time he goes back to his home!)

Now anyone can play with this meme-mums &  dads with  bigs or smalls! Use the badge so brilliantly designed by Tattooed Mummy. There’s one for Dads over a Thinly Spread. Link back here because I like to know who is playing & get listing! Do let me know you’ve visited by leaving a comment please! Makes me feel wanted!

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