Woolly Hat Week (a bit late!)


I feel very upset that I missed the date for this great cause but I’m only a little bit late! They are not sponsoring me in anyway so continue reading!!

From the title, you may think this post is to do with the awful weather the UK is experiencing at the moment. It isn’t but it is in connection with people who will know well how terrifying the weather can be.

The Sailors Society is having a Woolly Hat Week. You wear a woolly hat (not difficult in present climes) and make a donation to them for the privileged. This is a charity that many of you will not know about. It’s tagline is ‘Enhancing the welfare of merchant seafarers worldwide’. I’m sure little thought is given to seafarers who ply the seas bringing food and resources to us all in addition to their work when disaster occur.

My connection goes back to my father who came from a family of sailors who were in the merchant navy during the war. There were the two services – Merchant and Royal. Both were key in the defense of this island but I feel that those merchant sailors were perhaps a little forgotten and over shadowed by their Royal relatives and certainly do not hold a major part in our thoughts today.

Apart from being able to make a donation, if you are on twitter – get yourself a twibbon of a woolly hat (see @theheadsoffice for an example).

Have some fun and make a difference. I know I’m a week late but it doesn’t matter – anytime is good for fun and supporting an excellent cause!

Woolly Hat Week take 2

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