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We left the story of my photo shoot with Woman and Home as I was going to be ‘shot’ (Woman and Home (1) )

Upstairs was as elegant and as white as downstairs. As I was to be seated (I was ‘The Blogger’ in the article) I found myself behind a small kidney shaped table that had been distressed and was a pale duck-egg blue. The photographer introduced herself and the young lady who had carried my shoes up the stairs as I did not want to risk falling over, got me settled. Then the clicking and the whirling started. I was asked to move this way then that. I was complimented on my smile and the fact that I didn’t blink. Of course that immediately made me flash my eyes.

I have no idea how many shots were taken. The ipad was removed and a laptop replaced it. They didn’t seem that keen with the bigger machine and as it was a Mac that I have no idea how to use I was hoping they wouldn’t use that in the final shot.

Suddenly, the director asked for the table to be removed and summoned my husband who had been sitting watching the whole scene. He was a bit shocked as they asked him to sit and put me in various poses with him. When it was all finished, we were quickly shown the ‘portfolio’ which we would be sent once the magazine was on the shelf.

This is what is looks like. How about that – I’m in the same edition as the wonderful Annie Lennox!

I got a whole page to myself!


…but this is the one that will be framed!Julia 2 resized

We had a wonderful time so THANK YOU Sharon and her team at Woman and Home.

This post has not been sponsored by Woman and Home. It is the tale of a wonderful day. I received no payment for the article or my presence at the photo shoot.

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