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Well, I have to admit to being a teeny tiny bit excited! I am in the latest edition of Woman and Home which just happens to be the magazine of the year and the largest seller on news stands.

It didn’t just happen so here is the story:

Contact – email

The contact came via an email. The writers had been trawling the web looking for suitable candidates for an article about women who have gone off in a different direction. At first they were interested in my blogging but having had a chat, the focus became 100 Word Challenge 100wc.net


My first call came from the director who was organising a photo shot to which I was invited. I only had to get there. They would sort make-up, hair and what I would wear! As you can imagine excitement began to build!

I was interviewed over the phone for over an hour. You all know I can talk for England and I get very passionate about 100wc. I also had a call from the dresser who wanted to know my size details and my colour preferences. She even asked about shoes. Apparently they were going to have me sitting down with the PC so she suggested I took the opportunity to wear high heels!!


The ‘shoot’ (technical terminology) took place in a house in London. The thing that struck me was that every room was decorated in a white theme. It was like a tardis in that it looked much smaller from the outside than the interior with a wide stair case leading to a very attractive landing. It was a ‘lived in’ house’. Apparently you can earn a large amount of money from hiring fees if you have the property they want to use.

Make-up and hair were first on the list. Then I was taken to see my ‘rack’. This was the selection of clothes that the dresser had chosen for me. Once selected, they were steamed to make sure no creases would be picked up by the camera. The shoes that had been selected were VERY high heels but were remarkably comfortable.

I was one of six clients for the day and was delighted to meet one of those in the same article as well as Nancy winner of the Great British Bake Off. It was a lovely atmosphere sitting having a lunch together, swapping stories before being ‘shot’. The tale of that part of the day will be here tomorrow!

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