Who’d have thought it…..?

I was tagged by Kate over at The Five F’s . It seems that Gary at the Blog Up North has set up this new meme, tagged her & told her to pass it on. Well you know what he’s like if we don’t do as he tells us so here’s my take on what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I always wanted to be a teacher! It was the element of being in charge that appealed to me I think. I can remember organising friends  neighbours’ press-ganged children out in the garden. They had to sit in rows& put their hands up to ask a question! I can’t remember giving detentions but they certainly had lines!

It was obvious that I would have to go to College. I didn’t have a subject in mind to specialize in. When the time came it was Dance & Drama. I suppose that was quite appropriate given my penchant for acting & the fact that as Head girl I was often on the stage or in the corridors giving pronouncements. My poor father could not understand how I could possibly spend the next 3 years being a tree! Bless him!

There were slight variations on where I would teach when I finished training. Either I would join the Women’s Royal Air force as a commissioned officer (my brother & SiL were in the service)or I would go to New Zealand & join my brother As it  turned out I did neither!

I met my first husband (want to know the story?) during the summer between ‘A’levels & college & never really settled. I left having only done 2 terms, got married, had my son, got divorced THEN went back & finished my course. By that time it was a degree course & I had changed to history!

Looking in the mirror, do I see what I thought I’d be? Well, no is the answer! I would never have thought I’d be a head teacher; I certainly had not thought about having a son & I hadn’t given much thought to retirement! However, in all those things I’d tick the box marked ‘Glad I did’!

As usual, I’m a bit late with this & have seen a number of you already posting so …if you haven’t done this – get going otherwise I’ll set Him Up North on you!

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