White Shoes for the White Stuff

I have always looked on with envy as people stride around in snowy conditions. My flowery wellies are fine in snow but once it becomes millimeters deep and is icy – forget it,. They have no tread so are not suitable.

The last time we had heavy snow was in 2010. It came at both ends of the year – January and December. In January I fell badly and banged my head which got me to the hospital and one of those tunnels where they can see you but you can’t see them. Thankfully, there was nothing untoward in the brain department! I still have ringing ears when I’m tired though.

In the December, I slipped and hurt my knee to such an extent I had to buy flat shoes for my son’s wedding. I was really cross because I had been practicing wearing heels! Most of the photos show me leaning rather precariously!

We decided that I needed to make sure that my relationship with snow did not result in any further injury and so we went hunting for suitable footwear. I was really pleased when I found these:

Yes – they are golf shoes!

I’ve just been out in them and felt SO confident walking on the pavements! I’m still happier looking at snow but at least now I can go out a little more safely!

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