Which IS my favourite?

I have been tagged by Jane (or better known as Muddy No Sugar) over at ‘How I like My Coffee’ to select my favourite Christmas song. When I saw the challenge I was really excited and thought ‘I know EXACTLY  which one I’m going to chose but then I thought:

  • Would it be ‘Away in a Manger’ sung during a school nativity?
  • Jonah Leuy’s hard hitting ‘Don’t Stop the Cavalry’
  • What about Greg Lake’s poignant ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’?
  • I love the frog tune by Paul McCarney
  • I always sing along to ‘Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’ at the end of the first two Die Hard films
  • I’ve been Cliff Richard fan for a long time but couldn’t choose between his various hits.
  • ‘Feed the World’ always makes me think of Christmas for some reason
  • I can remember being confused by the Pouges ‘Fairy Tales of New York’ but it is one of my favourites now but is it my VERY favourite?
  • I’m a great fan of carols and really love ‘See Amid the Winter’s Snow’. It’s so sad and soulful.
  • I can’t help but try to sing all the parts in ‘Ring Christmas Bells’
  • Then there is the organ bit in the last verse of ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ that gets the emotions running.
  • I do cry very easily when it comes to music and I did wonder if that would be a way to identify my favourite Christmas song – which one makes me cry the most?
  • As a David Essex fan, I’d have to include ‘A Winter’s Tale’. He has the most amazing blue eyes!
  • I like all versions of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ and ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by David Bowie and Bing Crosby has a special place on my list because I once sang it as a duet when I was in the 6th Form.

Ah, now. That may be it! Maybe it has to be THE evergreen of all seasonal songs. Forgive me if I revert to age and finally put forward this one by the old crooner himself! I’ve selected the version from ‘White Christmas’ with the troops as it reminds me that at this time of year not everyone has a happy time.



There are a number of these memes around (do pop over to ‘Those Precious Things’ for a great selection)so I won’t specifically tag anyone but do have a go! 

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