Which camera should I buy?


Hello Dear Readers. I need your advice!

I know many of you are fabulous photographers and you’ll know that I have a little play too. We do own a camera but it is really hubby’s as he is the one who uses it especially since I become an iphone / ipad user. I am really getting into taking photos and have been part of a ‘Post a Photo a Day’ challenge for quite a while.

However, I would like to start thinking about the pictures I am creating rather than my point and shoot approach but for that I really need a camera and this is where you come in. I need some advice on makes. I have no idea really of what is out there but I do have some criteria:

  • It needs to be small as I don’t like having to have a hand bag with lots of stuff in and I will still have my phone
  • It needs to be fairly simple as I am a bit of a point and shoot bod
  • I need to be able to upload the photos easily to an ipad either straight from the camera or via a connection / card
  • It needs to be on the cheaper end of the range as I’m just a beginner.
  • …and of course I like pink!!

So, please leave you suggestions below and hopefully by the end of the summer I will be a ‘camera’ photographer!

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  • I thought I had left a comment here, but maybe it didn’t take. My preferred cameras are Olympus and Lumix. They have excellent lenses. I had a very bad experience with Canon customer service once which put me right off.
    Although Amazon can offer cheaper prices, I would strongly advise against buying a camera from Amazon. You want to be able to go back for advice, help and support if things go wrong. Also it is important to feel the camera in your hand, to play with it. So buy from a specialist camera shop, not just somewhere that stocks cameras along with other electronic goods. It may cost you more, but if those shops and their services are to survive, they need our support. If you have a branch of LCE or Parks, they are usually good. The LCE on the Strand in London has extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  • I’m a huge Canon fan, you can’t really go wrong, There are pink cameras to be had but I seriously wouldn’t choose one because of that – and I do love pink – purple – and red techy toys! There are offers around on cameras that take ordinary batteries, don’t buy one even if you get loads of features for a lot less money, endlessly buying batteries is a real pain and they always run out at the wrong time. You need one with it’s own rechargeable battery that you plug into the mains. Search Amazon, do some comparisons then see if you can find them in the shops to feel. My second choice would be Nikon. The reasons for my choices are that Canon and Nikon have always made cameras, some makes like Samsung make everything so they are not camera experts just manufacturers.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  • I’ve always liked Sony for a beginner level.
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX70 16.2 – Amazon has it for $99.99
    Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 16MP – $109

    These all come in pink too. Any of these would be good.

  • I’m not help as I don’t know a thing about photography or cameras. Sigh.

  • I’ve got a canon sx210 – brilliant for point and shoot, and has a lot of manual features if you want. All pictures on http://www.systemed.co.uk/mikesblog were on that camera, as were all the pictures on canadiary.wordpress.com Excellent hd video and small. Pink? Whats all that about?

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