What do you expect -it's decaff!

We drink coffee and tea.

Quite a few years ago, we changed to decaffinated coffee. It was at the time that many people were. As a staff, we even changed what we drank in the staff room at school.

We like to go out for coffee. However, we are discovering that not all establishments have embraced the idea that people who drink decaffinated coffee like to TASTE coffee. There is a misunderstanding that because we don’t want the caffeinated bit we also don’t bother about the coffee bit.

We were served dark dishwater (sorry Decaff coffee) the other day. I checked that we had been given a ‘double shot’ which we often ask for if the cups are on the large side. Yes we had been shotted. I then queried the tasteless liquid we had been given only to be told ‘Oh that’s decaff for you. They take a lot of the taste when they remove the caffine.’


Are findings have been that the major chains do serve a decent decaff but although we like to support the independent traders but they have to get their act together.

Having said that, we also drink decaff tea at home. Tetley Tea, one of the biggest producers of tea in the UK have recently been giving away ‘mug warmers’ on their packets. Guess what – not on the decaff boxes!

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