What Am I?

I have recently been thinking about definitions.

What prompted this thought? Well the Wikio August lists.

Why was I thinking particularly about definitions when looking at them? Well, I’m not sure how to define either of my blogs.

I am used to seeing the Parent blog lists but over at Jax ‘Making It Up’ – I saw a list for ‘culture blogs’  Now that really took my interest  (and gave me lots more interesting blogs to read!) Since starting ‘The Head’s Office’, I have found it difficult to find the niche or group that it fits. It is about education in the broadest sense and its readership is children, grown ups, parents, teachers and all sorts of others interested in learning.

On another thread, (I promise they are linked!) I have been thinking about setting up a Face Book page for ‘Julia’s Place’ and got stuck quite early on in the design process when asked to describe the blog. What is this blog about? I wrote about it HERE  in the early days but it is still not clear.

The third occurrence that has prompted this post was an article by Amy over at  ‘Blogging with Amy’ (fab places for help and ideas on blogging) who recommends that it should be clear to the reader as soon as they land on your blog what it is about.

So… you see my problem? ‘Julia’s Place’ is a ‘liquorice all-sorts’ type of blog that has a variety of topics, has lots of photographs and follows various memes. I know there is a bank of feeling against linkys and weekly challenges out there but for me they provide a regular topic and the discipline to write regularly. Do I therefore describe ‘Julia’s Place’ as a meme blog? Surely it is more than that?

‘The Head’s Office’ has become the centre for the 100 Word Challenges for children and grownups. There is a new series called ‘Parent Matters’ just starting as well as other posts of current interest.

As each blog ‘shares’ readers (parents) there is a clear link between them. However, I feel each needs to have it’s own identity. So Dear Reader – your help please. Pop over to ‘The Head’s Office’ and have a good look here at ‘Julia’s Place’ and tell me what you think.

What do they both say to you? How would you categorize them?What would you like to see on each? What is is that keeps you visiting?

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  • I think you have got it exactly right with Julia’s place as it’s your personal space to use as you wish, and your tag line sums it up perfectly. I haven’t read Amy’s post but I suspect her advice is aimed more at businesses. I would view The Head’s Office as an informative, educational blog. I would spend too long worrying about catagories etc. Each of your blogs has it’s own distinct feel. If you are goingn for a Facebook page for this blog, I’d list it under personal blogs, personally!

  • I have found similar ideas coming to mind in defining a blog. It seems those who are interested in a wide range of topics and audiences have little choice but to run multiple blogs. Readers would come to know which are relevant to them.

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  • I wish I could help but I am as lost as you are. I cannot define my own blog. Heck, I can’t even define my own career, so I don’t know if I can help you define yours. Maybe definitions aren’t important. It seems to me that you have followers without having a clear definition anyway. If it’s not broken, why fix it?

  • The ‘Head’s office’ has more of a distinct feel – brand if you like, (awful word but useful) it’s about education, it’s great that it appeals to parents, teachers, children – as education should. Education doesn’t work in isolation, it needs to interlink with parents, with society – with all.
    Amy’s blogging suggestion are great but they are aimed at business. Is Julia’s Place a business or your place to share and connect?
    I certainly see my blog as a place to share and connect – it’s lovely that people read it, I don’t think it has a clear direction – because it’s my space and my space/head is varied. I don’t think there is anything wrong in that – for me that’s what’s blogging is about, so I don’t worry about a particular identity or a definition.
    Clearly, what you are doing appeals to your readers – so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

  • I have the same trouble when people ask me what my blog is about. I also agree that if u care about people reading it u have to have an angle, and a unique voice.


    • Isn’t that strange because I know what I expect from your blog but couldn’t really put it in a category other than opinion about life! Maybe I just need to keep doing what I’m doing! Thanks for adding to the debate about it!

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