Well Done Tescos!

Picture the scene. Busy supermarket. Tills with long queues. The screams of a toddler can be heard. They seem to go on forever with no drawing of breath. You can see people muttering and trying to not look but somehow you just can’t stop your gaze finding the source of the noise.Well Done Tescos!

When you see it you send sympathy. The conveyor belt is full of a weekly shop. The noise is coming from the little one sitting in the trolley. His elder brother, by about 4 years, looks around embarrassed. Suddenly mum, who has been trying to pacify the sobbing bundle bursts into tears herself. I felt so sorry for her and wanted to go and hug one or the other.

Suddenly, Tesco staff appeared. One took the child out of the trolley, another put an arm round mum and a third packed the shopping. Mum was clearly very embarrassed about her outburst but ( and we all know how this feels ) she just couldn’t stop crying. The elder boy didn’t know what to do. Should he comfort his mum, pack the bags or walk away?

Gradually she composed herself. The little one was still making a noise but it was not quite so desperate. By now the shopping was almost packed. Mums from other aisles where stopping to give sympathy, offer sweets but they were told that ‘He only eats chocolate. He’s got himself in such a state he probably doesn’t remember what it was all about!’

It will be a memory that the older one will have for a long time. I wondered if there was a partner who could give some comfort  to mum later. My admiration went to the staff though. They took the stress out of the situation and had everything covered.


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