Violins & Roses

This post is for Saturday Centus the brainchild of Jenny Matlock. We get given a prompt(in bold italics) & have maximum of 100 to write a creative piece. Do pop over to Jenny’s when you’ve left a comment here & read the others!


Was this really happening – to ME?

I was over 30 & had been married twice already yet here I was with a very special ring in my hand.

I had only known him for a couple of months. I should be really careful shouldn’t I?

“ You know what you’re like for getting all ‘pink roses & violins’,” a voice said in my head.

“Are you sure that’s the one you want?”

I felt a little lump in my throat as I peered down at my choice, held tightly in my hand. I didn’t think this would be so nerve-wracking. Was I making the wrong decision? I couldn’t agonize over this any longer.

I took a deep breath before managing to say, “… Yes, it is.”

I looked up & knew straight away that I had made the right decision. Not the ring, although that was perfect, but THE decision. I was safe & he was the one!


Postscript – we have been married for over 20 years!

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