United Nations wedding

We get our petrol from a local garage which is run by Michael. He comes from the West Indies and has to be persuaded by his wife, who hails from Turkey, to take the odd day off. When we called in earlier this week, I popped in for my usual chat with him while Nick was filling the car.

He was surprised that I didn’t know his son had been married the previous week-end. We knew he was engaged and that they were sorting out their house but we had missed the wedding date. Michael explained where the wedding had been held and was quite proud to tell me that he had taken two days off! He was clearly delighted that the bride’s family had been so welcoming. Her mother comes from Poland so it was clearly a multi-national affair.

At the venue for the reception, this had been recognised by a table set out with a box of Turkish delight, a bottle of Polish vodka, some English biscuits and a bottle of Jamaican rum! How wonderful that the different countries were celebrated and with food and drink – items that unite the world!


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