The Original Idea!

Here is this weeks Saturday Centus. As usual the prompt is in blue & I’ve added 100 words to it to make a silly seasonal something! Pop over to Jenny Matlock’s place for some more pieces!


The wedding date was 19th December. What a time to choose! Possibility of snow & bad weather, coughs & colds. Still it was their decision. What could we do or say. We just had to go along with it!

Travelling down was difficult – snow everywhere. It took us double the time & we were freezing by the time we got there.

Sitting the church we could see the groom smiling & overheard him say:

 ‘Yes, it was my idea. Very original’.

The music sounded & in walked the bridal party. Suddenly, we saw his original idea!

“What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009…”


Footnote: My son is getting married on 19th December 2010 so by the time you read this I will know whether there were Elves!!

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