The Match – 100 word challenge

This piece has been inspired by a post from Nickie O’Hara  ‘Where Are the Words? in which she bemoans the apparent  lack of creative writing on the blogosphere recently. I can hold my hand up to really only joining memes mainly supported by photographs. I could use the excuse of time with my other blog (The Heads Office) & life but they would be excuses rather than valid reasons. I don’t know whether she intended to kick-start creative writing but she followed that post up with ‘100 Words – the Beginning’ & produced a piece of 100 words.  

Some of you may know that through THO, I comment on lots of class blogs in the hope of encouraging children to write for a wider audience. One such class is 6E  at Werrington Primary School, in Peterborough. The class teacher Jamie Efford has set the children a challenge for the holidays of writing apiece of 100 words only. He has made it a little more difficult by giving the children 15 words that must be included. Do pop over & see their blog & their 100 word pieces (6E 100 Word Challenge)

In the meantime, here is my effort. It’s not terribly creative but I was thinking more closely of the words I was using. As Nickie says, it’s a beginning!

It was dank February afternoon. One of those afternoons where straight hair frizzes & your nose seems to constantly run even though you don’t have a cold & there’s that fine line of moisture on your top lip.

Although only mid afternoon, the floodlights were ablaze, proudly standing out in the murk of the sky to provide light for the skills that would soon be exhibited below them.

There was a quiet air of community as supporters greeted each other & settled down to what they hoped would be a feast of a match.

Suddenly all rise & roar! 

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