The day I met Gok!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would happen. I had been contacted by Activia to do some blogging, meet Gok Wan and dance but the dates kept changing and things felt rather ‘fluid’!

In the end, as often happens, everything came together. We were given exclusive access to the man who has an amazing following across the world. Apart from that – he is lovely! So sincere and genuine. Yes, we (@liveotherwise / @bangsandabun/ & me) were given that level of access to him and although we were there to discuss the campaign (more later) we were able to talk about anything!

He is a very positive person and ensures that all his work is focused on boosting self esteem. He does lots of work with young people especially around obesity issues, having suffered as a youngster himself.

Gok was very interested in our blogs and writing in general. He loves words and would love to write more than his fashion and design books. He cited being naughty in school as the reason he is not confident in the quality of his free writing. As you can imagine Dear Reader, that really resonated with me as a retired headteacher and my 100 Word Challenge.

The new Activia campaign is all about feeling good from within and it was this focus on the positive that appealed to Gok to join the team. As you know from ‘Bet you have to wiggle’ the campaign is hoping to encourage people to get moving through dancing. We talked about our ‘Happy’ songs and what gets us jiggling. Gok’s song is  ‘The Main Event’ by Barbara Streisand whilst mine, ‘I Get Knocked Down But Get Up Again’ reminds me of my son so makes me doubly happy.

We had been invited for tea and cake and I have to say the cake was in HUGE slices and delicious. As you would expect here was yogurt as well but I really liked the fact that what might be considered ‘bad’ (cake) sat very comfortably with the ‘good’ (yoghurt) It wasn’t until I was sent the brief for the campaign, that I was realised how extensive the Activia range is. I had only been aware of individual pots of yoghurt but there is pouring, fat free, yoghurt with fruit in it, layered with fruit and pots with granola that you can make into a cereal breakfast. It is not just for the weight conscious either because although there is the fat free range there are also some heavenly creamy pots that are rightly called ‘Intense Temptations’.

It doesn’t stop at yoghurt in pots either! On the Activia facebook page you can find all sorts of delicious recipes (sweet and savory) using Activia products.

Whilst we tucked into cake, Gok had an apple and yes – some yoghurt – so that is how he keeps his shape! I can see why this campaign appeals to him though. Feeling good has to start from within, from our own confidence and once we have those feel good feelings we need to DO something with them. With Gok there with that smile, you just know you are going to succeed.

Watch this space for dancing and more news. In the meantime, have a look at the instructions on the FB page on how to salsa to get you going!

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