Thanks from Sir Ran! 

 I got a real surprise yesterday when the door bell rang. There stood a Yodel driver with a great big cardboard box. He asked me if I was Julia Word and I said no. He then apologised when he looked at the address, but stopped when I confirmed he had the right house number. Eventually, we agreed that the box was for me so I signed that funny machine and looked at my arrival.


It was clearly flowers but who from? Hubby was in the house and was as surprised as me as he had not done anything that bad to warrant ‘delivered’ flowers! It wasn’t my birthday, Christmas or any other feast day that my son could be celebrating so the mystery continued. My first port of interrogation was the label.


Right, so there was a clue – Mrs Julia 100 word. So it had something to do with 100 Word Challenge. Now for the flowers.


Aren’t they beautiful?

…and the sender?


All becomes clear! Back in March, the prompt for Week #27 over at 100 Word Challenge was all about Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ attempt to complete the Marathon des Sables to raise money for Marie Curie, the charity that helps folks with terminal cancer and their carers.

That week, there were 1700 entries from young writers across the world who were really engaged with his adventure. The flowers came from Liz who 100WC has worked with before. It was such a lovely gesture and although I did nothing apart from posting the details, (it was the children and their teachers who did the work!) it was super to receive such lovely flowers.

Thank you all! We are always happy to help!


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