Teacher as Learner!

Two of my favourite people have passed me the idea for this post. They are Josie at Sleep is for the Weak and Holly at It’s a Mummy’s Life. It is all about positively reflecting on where you are & understanding the learning that you are undertaking, most of the time without realizing it. As I have fairly recently retired, I thought this was a good exercise to do. All my learning is a ‘work in progress’!

My biggest learning curve has been to try & understand what makes me tick. I still have a long way to go & I still don’t like what I see quite a lot of the time but it is something that I realize I have to do. When I was working, I had the excuse of’ no time’ to really think about myself as a person. I was a head teacher & anything else could just be pushed aside.

Changing from a busy head teacher to a ‘civilian’ has been hard. I’m trying to learn however, that all the other things I now do are as valuable as running a school was. Before I retired I didn’t have a list of what I was going to do with all that spare time. I assumed that ‘life’ would come & fill my blank piece of paper. At first, I felt guilty that some of my ‘busy-ness’ is now taken up with things that would have been in the leisure/relaxation part of the catalogue. Now though, I’m learning that I enjoy them & my enjoyment is important.

I’m slowly learning that I CAN do whatever I want & that it is only me that is stopping me! That doesn’t mean that I am off doing all sorts. Setting up my blog was the first major thing that I have done on my own, just for me. I still get excited & stressed about it but I’m learning to stand back more & take the occasional deep breath.

I am learning that real friendship is not linked to or dependant on my work status. Work colleagues may not be friends. True friends don’t mind when you’re down & they appreciate your friendship in return & that can be inspiring. I’m also learning that friends come in all shapes & sizes & in places you never dreamed!

Motherhood is an area where learning is continuous even when they have flown the nest & are independant. I am learning that my son still has time for me. Not in a duty way but with a genuine desire to share his life – both concerns & sucesses.

One thing that I am enjoying learning is the beauty of time. I no longer have to rush & although I found it difficult & frustrating at first, I now understand what people mean when they say ‘Take your time’. The world is much more vibrant somehow & I am beginning to appreciate all the things that just flashed past me. Simple things like the birds singing or the colour gradually developing in the garden. I watch more closely now & ‘see’ so much more. That vision is not always focused on beauty though. I am finding that I am becoming more opinionated. That is having opinions & I’m learning how to express those in a way that is confident but not aggressive.

Above all I am learning that I have place in the world as me, Julia. I can blossom & grow. It’s a scary thought but an exciting prospect. Perhaps I need to make a list next of all the things I want to learn!

What are you learning? What would be on your list that you want to achieve?

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  • i guess learning is a perpetual process that goes on and on…

  • It’s funny – I used almost to daydream about when I would retire and be able to do only stuff I liked. But now I started blogging, writing for non-professional purposes, I realise that I am pretty much doing exactly everything I like! Things hadn’t quite struck me that way until I read your post – so thanks for the prompt!

  • Hey – thank you for tagging me! Now I’m going to have a good think about this one, I think off the top of my head that I’ve learned so much in recent years, I sometimes think my head will explode. All the stuff you are still learning sounds brilliant – and I think we all do each day as our lives evolve. God that sounds poncey, sorry.

    • I think it is a good idea to reflect every now & then on just what we are doing. sometimes the world moves too fast & we miss it! Thanks for taking up the tag!

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