Seeing Red!!!!

What is it with Manchester United? I have had problems with them for quite a long time but do try to remain balanced & fair in my thinking but it is getting beyond a joke!

The list (in no particular order) :- there was all the fuss about Wayne Rooney & whether he should have been banned following his outburst to camera. Then he was able to delay his appeal so that he was able to play in what was considered to be an important match.

Then we had Sir Alex (don’t get me wrong, he is a good coach but…) moaning about referees having the week before said that they should be given respect. On Saturday after the terrible tackle by Paul Scholes there were Man U supporters claiming that the referee didn’t know what he was doing when he sent him off.

Now it has been announced that the FA are not going to take an action against Manchester United for the damage done to their  dressing room at Wembley caused after they had lost to Manchester City. Apparently, a spokesman for the club has said that no-one connected to the club caused it. My question is – who did it then? I bet if I’d wanted to go & see the players I would not have got into the changing rooms for a variety of security checks & yet someone managed to get in & cause enough damage to get into the headlines. I wonder why the police were not called by Man United when this apparent intrusion occurred if they were not to blame.

I feel so cross that it seems every time something happens that other teams get reprimanded for, Man U seem to be able to wriggle away with it. Some may agree that their habit of scoring very late in the game plus there always seems to be lots of injury time when they are playing at home is more down to their skill & a bit of luck! However, on behalf of all the other teams in all the leagues I just needed to have a rant & say out loud IT’S NOT FAIR!

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  • Matt

    I get the anti-Utd feelings, success breeds jealousy and Utd don’t always help themselves by being so opinionated but must pick you up on one point: Man Utd have apologised for the damage and said it was one of their physios or coaches who caused the damage – not an unconnected person. But most rival fans never let the truth get in the way of a good story so why should you! (That was meant in jest – lest I get lynched…)

    • Thanks for stopping by Matt. Really appreciate it. Thanks for updating me on the details. It’s not jealousy – honest but I think you’re right about them being quite arrogant at times. As a Gillingham supporter (through marriage!) we are a long way from being jealous! Thanks again!

  • David

    Hi Julia
    Do check your facts please. Not a Man U fan but I do follow football and don’t see a bias. Hyped by press.

    • Thanks for stopping by & commenting David. Much appreciated. I understand what you mean about the press but as Matt says I do think United can be a bit OTT with their position in the world of football. Thanks again for dropping in!

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