Seasonal Garden Confusion!

I’m in a quandary!

I’m relatively new to this gardening lark but I do have some idea of what should happen when. Unfortunately, mother Nature has decided to play a few tricks on me and I’m completely muddled! For instance, around the beginning middle of September, we expect to cut the grass for the last time before the winter. Here it is today 8th December!

Can you see the length of it? Good grief it will be miles high and take a sythe to cut it in the spring! Around the same time (mid September) I empty my pots and put in some fresh compost and plant my bulbs. I love daffodils so this is not a chore for me. However, this is what I saw today!

Can you see that fuchsia at the back? Still blooming as if it was the summer.

Even one of the prepared pots is showing signs of emerging plant (look closely by the lump at the back. See it?)

So, I’m in a pickle. I have bulbs waiting to go in but I can’t bring myself to pull up plants that are still flowering and the grass is too wet to cut. Searching for garedening might give me some ideas or I might even have to pay a trip to one of my favourite places that has already been featured here ‘The Garden Centre Conspiracy’.

What is happening in your garden? Are you keeping up with the seasonal jobs list? How do you shorten grass when it’s too wet to mow??

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  • Julia, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you choose to accept it, please check out the rules on my blog. I’m so glad I discovered your blog and the 100 word challenge!!

  • Don’t cut the grass when it’s wet–it’ll just accumulate at the top of the mower and stop rotating. As for the bulb that’s sprouting, I’m with morristown: pot it up and bring it in. Many of my plants are sprouting, Julia. It’s a cruel joke Mother Nature is playing as we all know winter is coming. My iris are up, the thyme and rosemary are blooming. Hope you get to cut that grass one last time!

  • I used to garden. Now I help with (school) homework. *sigh*

  • As a fellow educator, but also professional gardener (man of many talents, some might say master of few!) it is pretty standard advice throughout winter to ‘mow the grass when dry and when it needs it’. Avoid doing it in the frost or snow, or when your feet sink – to state the obvious.
    Good luck.

  • I don’t know what the gurus would say, but I would dig up the ne bulb that was sprouting and give it it’s own little pot. Then I’d nurture it all winter.

    Now you know why my kitchen windowsill is always so overcrowded: I rescue plants…


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