Problems with sleeping?

I love surprises so when the door bell went and I was handed this BIG box – I was very happy.

In a way, it wasn’t a surprise because I did know something was being sent to me but not exactly what. Let me explain!

I was approached by a PR company to see if I would be interested in completing a survey about sleep. They were researching various sleep accessories so wanted to find out my sleep patterns and hopefully send me something to improve them.

Well me and sleep have never been good bed fellows (ouch!) so I completed the few questions and was sent the big box. It contained a variety of wonderful teas for me to try and review.

Well, as they had come via Silent Night and were to do with sleep, I began my experiments by drinking a sachet of ‘Sleep’. Now these contain camomile, lavender and hops and are combined with a vanilla pod. I have to say, when it comes to herbal teas, they usually smell better than they taste but I could really taste the flavour of the vanilla which made it a honeyed drink. Over the week I have seemed to be sleeping better, managing to go back to sleep if I have to get up in the night.

I have also tried ‘Awake’ which has ginseng, rooibos and ginger in it. Taste is not as strong as the smell but it gave me a lift to start the day. The other boxes of camomlie / camomile and peppermint will be tried later.

Apart from teas, sleep accessories can include room sprays, eye masks, pillows, bed socks and lots of other goodies. If you would like to improve your sleep and have a few minutes to complete a survey do leave a comment below and I’ll pass your details on.

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