Pay for a pee in Paris!

This is a quick jolly post to keep you going while I'm away in Paris.

We stopped for a cup of lemon tea ( I only drink it in France!) and I decided to seek out the toilet facilities. I was shocked to get to this door. In England, ladies public conveniences always had a box like this into which you had to pop a penny ( that's in old currency).

I have never seen them anywhere else in the world so was taken aback. I was just going back to hubby for some change when the proprietor pointed to a saucer on the side. It contained the necessary coins so I took one and 'spent a penny'. Well actually it was 20 cents but that's inflation for you!


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  • Are you really in Paris? It’s worth paying to pee if it’s Paris!

  • So they paid for you to pee 🙂

  • I haven’t seen a pay toilet for years and years. I remember the door and the lock and handle, but cannot recall where or when and we’re talking Canada. Hmm. Now I won’t be able to stop thinking about it until I remember… 😉

  • My sister was in Paris recently, and during a long walk, she found she had to go to the restroom IMMEDIATELY. She almost panicked, because she was not familiar enough with the business places along the street to know for sure which ones might have a restroom. Suddenly she glanced up and saw a large brick building with opaque glass windows and thought, “Boy that looks like it could be a restroom facility.” She had to make her way across a large street full of traffic to get to it, and as she got close enough, she found she was correct. However, she found it was a pay toilet. She said she was never so happy to pay to go to the bathroom in her life! It was a facility where you paid the attendant — as you left the building. She was so happy that she paid the lady much more than the regular price.

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