On the flight path

I don’t know anything about bird habits in terms of where they fly although I did live next door to a pigeon fancier and when he let his birds out, they seemed to fly in the same sort of circles. Anyway, I’m not sure they have ‘flight paths’ but I think they might and it is pretty mucky to live below it!

This mess greeted us in the road outside the house this morning.

This is not the first time this has happened. The bags always contain egg shells, tea bags and Chinese food among other rotting items. We have decided that the culprits are sea gulls. They pick up the bags a few streets away but because they are too heavy, they drop them in the road right outside our house. We did consider foxes but from the pattern across the road, it looks like it has been dropped from a height rather than be pulled apart.

Grumbling about ‘blasted seagulls’ as we shovelled the detritus up into a bag before the traffic could spread it all down the road, we realised that actually our anger should be directed at the Chinese-takeaway-eating human being who put the bag out rather than in the dustbin provided!

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