Nutribullet – bringer of energy?

Since I have retired, we have become more conscious about our health and how we can keep ourselves healthy. Having the time has certainly helped. However,  the start to our day has always been a banana, a cup of orange juice and a cup of tea. See ‘Wakey, Wakey’

Ever keen to make sure we are doing all we can (within reason) to maintain our health, hubby will keep up with the latest news about food so it didn’t surprise me that he announced, after watching a TV programme on sugar, that our morning orange was not adding any goodness  for us because it was only sugar! However, having cut it out (see what we have instead), we do seem to be feeling tired so hope you can help!

When we visited my brother and his wife in New Zealand during our recent trip, we were very interested to see that she used a Nutribullet. I had seen it talked about on social media but didn’t really know what it involved. Maree, also conscious of making sure she puts the right things into her system, explained what she does and why. It takes all the nutrients that are often lost with cooking or peeling. It means’the gold mine’ of things like zinc and magnesium found inside seeds of fruit like melons become available. It did seem simple and made sense and it tasted good! Hubby was sold on it and when we got back home we bought one.


As you can see it comes with all sorts of bits and bobs – a couple of smaller cups, lids and two very sharp cutting blades. It also has a guide book with recipes in it.

The magic comes from combining greens (spinach, kale, swiss chard) with fruit like bananas, strawberries, blue berries, peaches etc. For a bit of an additional boost add a handful of nuts. These are all ‘blitzed’ to make a rather strange mixture!

I mention the look because it does not compare with the delicious taste. The colour will depend on what goes into the mix. Now I’m sure the mention of things spinach together with fruit will bring a puzzled look but you really don’t taste it but it gives you all the nutrients that you need each day.

Now, reading about the Nutribullet, it is claimed that it gives you energy, vitality and very much a spring in your step. We aren’t feeling that at the moment but is that due to us losing our sugar rush first thing in the morning? How long will these withdrawal symptoms last?

I do hope some of you foodies / dieticians / keeners will have the answer for us!

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  • Juice and Tea is what I start with too 🙂 not banana though as I do get a alergic reaction when I eat them…..But I do have a apple or orange in the evening instead…..sometimes a pear 🙂 -Have a nice day 🙂

  • I keep hearing about these but spinach is the only green I like and I’ve heard that you should put in things like broccoli including the thick stalky bit. I can’t get beyond how yukky that sounds to me. Plus, I think it would be a fad with me and it would end up taking up cupboard space. Keep us informed with how you get on 🙂

  • I haven’t experimented with any energy drinks. Interesting to read this though. Let us know when your energy gets ramped up. 🙂 Happy Easter.

  • not trying to “tell” you what to do, but try tossing a 1/2 cup or so of whole milk organic yogurt in there for some protein, the protein should help with the sluggish feeling, the not feeling awake and energetic. You need a bit of protein (yogurt) as well as carb (fruit and veg) as well as fat (the nuts) to make a full meal to give you the energy you need to make it until the next meal. Just a thought.

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