This hash tag is being attached to a series of blogs -12 highlights of 2012 and 13 hopes for 2013.

HIGHLIGHTS:The year was a very busy one for me and my family so these highlights are in no order of priority

  1. Reaching 60 and celebrating with family and friends. It has always seemed a BIG number and one that would signal a huge life change but it didn’t and hasn’t. I’m a member of the ’60 is the new 40′ club!
  2. Discovering I was going to be a grandma. I was really surprised so may not have reacted in the expected way of tears. I just said ‘goodness!’
  3. Becoming a grandma. We knew it was going to be a ‘pink’ one but had no idea of a name. My first cuddle with Brontë Matilda was very special.
  4. Being recognized for my governance work by the Local Authority. I have been on several governing bodies and have often felt that I could have done a better job so being told that is not the case was very pleasing.
  5. Visiting New York! It was an amazing experience ( see New York) and has given me an appetite and the confidence to go further afield again. There is a lot of world out there!
  6. Vising the United Nations whilst in New York. It was a very moving experience.
  7. The success of the Word Challenges. Yes – there is a group now – 100WC, 5SC, 100wcCymru. It was brilliant when 100WC was voted runner-up in the Education Blog Awards and it is all down to the hard work of the teachers and my wonderful Team100 who do the commenting!
  8. Making contact with my brother after 30 years. The split is a long story but involves the death of a parent and a will. I understand that many families have similar tales to tell. Luckily, thanks to Skype we have made a good start at rolling back the years.
  9. Having tea at the Ritz – a birthday present from my son and and daughter-in-law.
  10. Seeing the Olympic flame go past. It was early in the torch relay and it really got me in the mood for what was to come.
  11. The whole Olympic experience right from watching game of football between Egypt and Brazil, the opening ceremony, the Paralympics (we got tickets!), the stadium and all those wonderful Games Makers. It was tremendous and proved me so wrong! When it was announced that London had won the 2012 games,I groaned! I was a bit embarrassed at our bit at the end of the Beijing Games but I needn’t have worried!
  12. The Diamond Jubilee. Events have gone on throughout the year but the week-end of celebrations made me glad to be a Brit!

HOPES: looking through this ‘to do’ list, there is a thread in many – time management! Interesting because that was something that was often on my ‘to do’ lists as a head!

  1. Learn to relax more. When I retired my husband wanted me to have a balanced life. Being a head teacher had made that virtually impossible so I have really tried to put ‘none’ pressure things into each day. So far, that has been a #fail.
  2. Exercise more regularly. We have a treadmill at home so there is no excuse. It is linked to that one above really!
  3. Read more of the books I put birthday and Christmas lists!
  4. Get the piano out. When I retired, the only thing I had on my list was ‘learn to play the piano. We bought an electric piano which I’m ashamed to say has been in it’s bag waiting to be played. I did have a little go but was not in the right frame of mind. Now, the mind is OK but I don’t have the time!!
  5. Blog more. I have 6 blogs (!) but only 3 are for my writing. One is where you find yourself now. Another is ‘Julia’s Notes’ which is a space for me to post my entries for 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups (see 100WCGU) plus those for other writers who do not have blogs. The other is ‘The Head’s Office’. It was set up for my ‘professional’ scribblings but I have ignored it to a great extent this year. I shall attempt to rectify this asap!
  6. Drink more water.
  7. Stop thinking of going on a slimming diet to lose weight. I lose weight when I am calm and happy. Simples!
  8. Extend the influence of 100 Word Challenge. It clearly is having a great impact on writing and I want more children to have the opportunity to take part.
  9. Closely linked with no.8 is the need to greatly increase the number of people involved in commenting both on 100WC and 5SC
  10. Take more care when tweeting! I love twitter but sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me and my fingers just run away with themslves! This results in dreadful typing errors which is not good when tweeting as The Head’s Office!
  11. Speaking of social media, I must get to grips with Face Book. I have an account and 3 pages but do not really understand what I’m supposed to do! Twitter is immediate and there. Somehow FB needs more patience and moving around!
  12. Do more living in the moment rather than worrying about the future and thinking about the past.
  13. Get more music into my life. I want to join a choir but that is proving difficult at the moment. I do need to play more music in the house though. I will often choose the TV as background noise or silence. that is going to change!

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