Nurture #1213 – mid-term Review

Remember this post Nurture#1213?

Well as we are mid way through the year, the wonderful Chocolate Tzar has suggested we revisit our 13 wishes for this year and share the progress (or not!)

Relax more – this is the biggy for me and although there have been flashes when I have been more relaxed, it is still a major battle. I have done a few more jig-saws so it is not completely awful. Score: 4/10

Exercise more – the year started really well with me running, yes running, on the treadmill. Unfortunately I got real flu and that really floored me for quite a while. However, I have started swimming and go twice a week at 8am. At the moment I’m up to 20 lengths so fingers crossed I continue. Hope to put in a regular session on the treadmill as well. Score: 7/10

Read more – getting better. Score: 6/10

Get the piano out  – complete failure Score: 0/10

Blog more – sort of progress but that has come through starting more blogs! I’m running the blog for my local governors association and also set up a FLOG(food log – see below) Score: 6/10

Drink more water – when I remember to! Score: 5/10

Stop dieting – did start a FLOG where I was logging everything I ate. The idea is that you are shamed into not eating the wrong things. I feel what I eat is not really the problem but my sedentary routine doesn’t help hence more exercise Score: 6/10

Extend the number of children involved in 100WC – average is 700+!  Score: 9/10

Increase the number in Team100 – with the increase in entries, I really do need to swell the numbers commenting. I have added to them but know not all on my list actually do it! It is taking quite a bit of time organizing things as well. Any ideas? Score: 6/10

Tweet more carefully – overall this has been a success. I am now ‘working’ with someone who does not proof read and this has really made me more aware Score: 8/10

Embed Face Book – Failure! I keep forgetting. Score: 1/10

Have more music in my life – made a start by wearing head phones when cleaning and gardening. Again, it is the memory that let’s me down! Score: 5/10

Living in the moment – this like the first one is a biggy and I have to say I’m still struggling. My mind just wanders and worries can so easily creep in. However, it is not all gloom and doom. My grand daughter has helped focus me more on now because she is growing so quickly! Score: 6/10

So – a bit of a ‘6’ six months. Still time to bump up those scores though!

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