New York, New York!

Now that the schools have broken up thoughts can really turn to holidays. As retired people (doesn’t that mean you have lots of time to yourself? When does that start then?) hubby and I have the choice of when to go away. I can remember saying with passion ‘When I retire I am not going on holiday when the children do!’

Somehow that isn’t always the case but at least we have the choice. Although we are on a budget, we can still afford to go away and will be doing so later this month. We are off to our favourite spot in the Loire in France.

However, the reason for this short post is to give you advanced notice that the OCD kid ( see ‘Rear-View Mirror Angst’) has agreed to going somewhere different next year! We started looking at villa holidays and soon discovered a whole world out there. After lots of looking, comparing and debating we have agreed to go to New York!!

I’m so excited! We are going to go next May when the weather is beautiful and the blossoms will be out. My dearest will have nearly a year to plan, re-plan and then plan (bless him!) At the moment he is eyeing up cases to see if they match the measurements given!!

Anyway, watch this space and I’ll keep you updated. I may well be coming back for hints and tips!

New York, New York  
Image of Empire State Building courtesy of vistasamb2001

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