My prize!

I have to admit to being a bit giddy here at the moment. I won a prize over at ‘Just Because I Love’ the blog run by Natalie Trice. Do pay her a visit as she writes about all sorts of things that I know will interest my visitors!

Now, the competition was easy – just had to put my name down. I’m not one for comps usually but this was for stationery and if you have been here for any time, you’ll know that I am a stationery geek. I love it and will find any excuse to buy a new pen / pencil / notebook. I think it is the teacher in me!

The prize was for a diary from Toad Dairies. You could personalise it and choose from a multitude of covers and styles. In the end I went for a note book. I put ‘Today I will…’ on the front cover and ‘…create wonderful things!’ on the back.


Well it arrived today and it is SO good! Not only is it bright and pink with yellow pages but it has some other bits. As you can see from the photo there is a handy little plastic wallet for keeping ‘all those things that need a home’. Then there is a  card with an inspirational statement that you could put anywhere. On closer examination, the insides of both covers are full of such statements from the great and good across history so I will never be lost for some daily motivation.

And why have they called themselves TOAD? Well it stands for ‘Today or any day’. I love that because I am starting a new adventure (more about that later) and my new book and my card will spur me on

‘It’s never too late to be what you always might have been’

Thank you Natalie and TOAD!

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