My Pride! – revisited

After the emotional roller coaster of my DS wedding, I have decided to take a few days off from the blog. I can’t bear the thought of you not finding something to look at though Dear Reader so will post some from the archive that you may have missed.


This post was first published in June 2010 but the sentiment still applies even though he is now a ‘Married Man’! Merry Christmas my son!

You were the only one
Not planned that way
Sadly the others didn’t stay
At times there were three of us but always us two
Together we learnt, together we grew
I worried, you didn’t – which is how it should be

Now you are grown
Following in my footsteps but on your own path
You make me proud each day
You are the best thing I ever did!


My Pride! - family, love, son

This is me with my darling son. The picture was taken outside Exeter Cathedral where a few years previously he celebrated his graduation ceremony. For those of you with little ones, it gets even better when they’re grown! I dedicate this Jimmy Nail song to my ‘grown one’. Please listen because if you are a parent, the wordas will certainly hold a meaning for you- For You with Love

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  • That’s lovely, it sounds like you have a great relationship with your son. The thought of seeing my boys grow up into men – it moves me so much. I wonder if there’s a different closeness between mums and boys than there is to mums and girls?

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