My Fairy Godmother!

Twitter and the Internet are strange places aren’t they? Wonderful but strange. You have no idea who is watching you & sharing in your life. That sounds quite a scary situation but in this case it is not.

Do you remember me pleading & pleading for someone to sponsor me to go to Cybermummy 2011? You don’t? Well it was a massive production with tears & everything & it went on for at least a week! Originally I wasn’t going to attend. I had heard about last years conference & although there sounded like some interesting talks, the emphasis on the ‘MUMMY’ bit (a pressie of breast pads for instance) led me to believe that it wasn’t really for me.

However, when the programme came out, I thought how useful & interesting it would be for bloggers, not just the ‘Mummy’ kind so I looked into going. Living on the other-side of the country would mean at least one night in a hotel plus the travel costs, plus the ticket cost. It was looking like a very expensive day. Normally, I’m able to pay my way but in this case it was too much for a retired bod like me.

I also don’t normally go in for massive sponsorship for the blog. I have done the occasional paid post but do not have any adverts etc so I didn’t really know how to get some financial help. Hence the pleading!

Unbeknown to me, my other blog ‘TheHead’s Office’ is a favourite with quite a few readers. One in particular was really interested in my ‘100 Word Challenge’ which is a weekly link for children to share their creative writing. Her interested was sparked I’m sure by the fact that she posts the occasional ‘100 word’ item. Anyway, she contacted me & offered to buy my ticket!!!!! Gobsmacked was I!!!!

I wanted to tell you all who had been so kind but she wanted to keep her light under a bushell (or probably somewhere more modern!) However, she has now allowed me to celebrate with you & announce that my fairy godmother who has made sure ‘I will go to the ball’ is (drum roll please)


Yes, it’s the wonderful Melinda who has created this brilliant picture for her blog announcing me to the world! If you look closely you will see that it is the Head’s Office she is sponsoring. We had a chat about which blog she wanted to support & decided on THO because of my work with the children.

I am still so flattered that a blogger of such high repute is sponsoring me. I’m so pleased that finally I can share it with you all!

I’m definitely a lucky Cinders aren’t I?

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