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This week’s Gallery from Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers was supposed to be an easier one for us – My Blog. NOPE!

My regular readers you will know that I have another blog as well as this little space. It is ‘The Head’s Office’ & when I was thinking about it I found it easy to explain about it.

It is a space for anyone interested in Education. That includes parents, teachers, Governors – anyone who has a love of learning. I have two initiatives that I am particularly proud of. One is the Resource Centre where crafter mums & teachers share ideas for lessons.

The other (& this is really special) is the 100 Word Challenge. It is just as it says on the tin, a challenge for children under 16. I give them a prompt of words or a picture & they have just 100 words to write a creative piece. Do pop over & read some of the amazing things the children have posted. They have even written during the holidays!

So the picture for The Heads Office is:

Now for this space! I was really stuck for ideas because I never had a plan for it. JFB57 & this blog grew out of some silliness on twitter & has gone off in a number of ways. It still hasn’t got a ‘niche’ in my view so I asked hubby. As usual he had an answer! He sees it as a huge gathering of friends some of whom I see a lot, some only rarely. They all congregate here to exchange laughs, tears & friendship.

So, I’m happy with that so my picture is:

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